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 "Fans of 1950s-styled music wont want to miss The Bobby Sanchez  Combo. Billed as premium rockabilly
Sanchez's quartet lives up to the tag with an authentic sound that also takes in R&B, country and early rock n roll.
The  groups impressive set list includes classics from the
likes of Jerry  Lee Lewis and Lloyd Price, as well as more
modern bands like The Texas  Tornados, adding up to a night
out thats perfect for swing dancers or  music history buffs alike."
Bart Mendoza-Beach and Bay Press. San Diego, CA.

"National City hasn't seen a band like this in forty years...this IS rock n roll!
Brian Clapper-President, National City Lions club. National City, CA.

"Hands down the best 50's rock n roll band in Yuma.
Armando-Activity Director, Country Roads Resort Yuma, AZ.

"It's worth the trip from Calgary to hear this kind of 50's rock n roll."
Walter-traveller who saw BSC at a festival.

"Bobby plays it the way we heard it in high school.  Like they used to say good beat, easy to dance to"
Barb Alred-High School Class of 1958.

Upcoming shows/events

Feb 7 Welk Theater Private

Feb 23  Encinitas Elks

March 6 Welk Resort

March 13 Welk Resort

March 21 Welk Resort

March 27 Welk Roman Palacios 

April 3 Welk Resort

April 10 Welk Resort

April 17 Welk Resort

April 24 Welk Resort

May 1 Welk Resort

May 8 Welk Resort

May 11 Gator by the Bay 545pm

May 15 Welk Resort

May 22 Welk Resort

May 29 Welk Resort

June 5 Welk 

June 12 RP Welk FUTL 

June 19 TS Welk FUTL

June 26 BSC Welk FUTL

June 2 Private Bday Bash

August 17 Encinitas Elks 

August 31 Encinitas Elks

Sept 4 Welk FUTL 

Sept 11 Welk FUTL 

Sept 15 Ramona Oaks Concert

Sept 18 Welk FUTL

Sept 25 Welk FUTL

October 2 Welk FUTL 

October 6 Ebullition Brewery

October 9 Welk FUTL

October 12 Encinitas Elk

October 16 Welk FUTL

October 23 Welk FUTL

October 30 Welk FUTL

November17 Private

November 28 Bar Sin Nombre

Dec 31  New Years Private Party

Bobby Sanchez, leader and founder of the "Bobby Sanchez Combo" out of San Diego, performs locally and in the Southwest region of the United States.  With the help of some talented musicians, each with their own impressive backgrounds, "Bobby Sanchez Combo" has quickly gained the reputation of being a crowd pleaser.  Mix up the great vocal energy and impressive piano ability of Bobby Sanchez, add the upright bass playin of Steven Brundege, and chase it with the drum playin of Robert Sheehan. That's when you've flat out got something because "Bobby Sanchez Combo" revives the sound of early rock and roll music.  Raw performances with energy and chemistry.  No two performances are EVER the same.

There's nothing like a full dance floor, the band firing on all eight cylinders, and everybody having a great time.  Great shows occur when the band and the audience become one.

Early Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Swing is what we do... and there are so many great artists to learn from.

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